Michael La Manna

Skills: Producer & Composer

Jamp Score: 12,550

Location: Orange Park, FL United States

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Username: addrecordings

Experience: 14 year(s)

Gender: M

Signed: No

Member Since: February 28, 2013

Performance Rights Organization: US - ASCAP


Composer/Audio Designer Michael La Manna brings over 14 years of experience in the industry from producing and remixing some  of today’s top artists to composing and writing for film, television and game production. Michael began his production career in the late nineties as part of the electronic group Sonic State. With several released remixes for such acts as Limp Bizkit, Orgy and Godhead, Sonic State was propelled into the underground rave scene performing live at multiple venues. With the success of Sonic State, ADD Recordings was established giving Sonic State the ability to release multiple EP’s for DJ’s to play around the world

Fast forward to the year 2009, Michael expanded his production abilities to include all types of media. Michael began revolutionizing the independent gaming industry in the South East by developing a company known as Floppy Entertainment. As the founder and Audio designer of their new game “lil’ Sherman”, Michael and his team became the first independent gaming company in Jacksonville Florida, all the while staying true to his musical background by continuously creating tracks fit for film and television. With the perfect balance of traditional orchestration combined with his signature post-house era electronic sound, Michael is taking the audio realm by storm. Whether it is a simple jingle or a complex score production, Michael is consistent in conveying the sense of emotion felt in music.


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