About Us (It's Nice to Meet You Too!)

Welcome to Jammio.com

Jammio was started in February 2010 in Dallas, TX by three friends with a similar vision for online music collaboration. With the growing availability of in-home music tools, we wanted to see a hub for artists with similar visions to collaborate while being compensated for their efforts. Over a year and a half of development and consultation began and finally on Labor Day in 2011, Jammio.com went live.

Thanks to Jammio, musicians are now able to collaborate with other musicians from around the world, find gigs, create specific music service requests, or promote their talent in a way that is easier and simpler than ever before at no upfront cost to them. On Jammio.com we have a strong philosophy that artists shouldn't have to pay anyone just to get started in the music industry before they have even made a sale. So we make sure that we don't charge artists a penny unless they get paid.

Terry Arnold II

Terry is responsible for website development along with customer relations and service.

Timothy Arnold

Timothy handles Jammio finances and some additional technical operations.

Charles Page

Charles heads up our marketing and doubles as our website styling and usability expert.