Skills: Instrument Player Producer & Composer

Instruments: Additive Pad Ageless Exposition Pad Air Choir Pad Ambient Vox Pad Ambilance Pad Ancient of Days Pad Anemone Pad Angel Fall Pad April Mist Pad Autumn Pad Bachelor Pad Backwards Dreams Pad Balance Pad Beauty Pad Bell Layer Pad Bell Pad Big Blue Pad Bloom Pad Brain One Pad Bright Nite Pad Cascades Pad Chill Output Pad Chime Bad Pad Cloud Chamber Pad Coin Pad Computer Crystal Lake Pad Dark Pad Darwin Pad Diaspora Pad Drum machine Dual Sweep Pad Dubreq Stylophone Dystant Strings Pad E Pad Electric piano Emptiness Pad Enoch Pad Esspander Wonder Pad Etheral Pad Euphori Chorale Pad Evulsive Pad Feed Ache Pad Filmscore Pad Fingerboard synthesizer Flowing Water Pad Follow Me Pad Forge Aimes W Pad Foundational Pad Galileo Sweep Pad Glass Veil Pad Glerb Notches Pad Growing BPF Pad Guitar Pad Gyorgy Pad Heaven Pad Holy Moment Pad HPF Pad Huge Pad Hyperspace Pad IDM Pad In Memoriam Pad Index Pad Industrial Pad Isengard Pad Joshua Pad Jovian Pad JP-8 Pad JP4 Fat Pad JP4 Filter Pad Junio Pad Kitaro Pad Laser harp Launch Pad Lead Synth Pad Lullaby Pad Majesty Pad Malmorts Pad Mello Bello Pad Mellotron Mellow Orch Pad Memaids Pad Memory Mo Pad Metal Pad Microbiology Pad Midi Pad Million Strings Pad Minimalism Pad MKS Euphorium Pad Monfalcone Pad Moody Pad Narcotones Pad Noizette Pad Odyss Shimmer Pad Omenous Pad Outer Mongolia Pad Pensive Pad PHAD Pad Phase Drifter Pad Phasing Pad Plucked Cloud Pad Poly Filler Pad PPG1 Pad Psapphia Pad Quiver Pad Release Pad Resonic Pad Revy Pad Rhodes piano Rhythmic Pulse Pad Rich Pulse Pad Rising Rhythm Pad Rising Sun Pad Sadly Pad Sampler Santa Marissa Pad Sci Fi Beauty Pad Scratch Pad Shifter Pad SID Sweep Pad Siesluis Pad Silverish Sky Pad Sleepy Zombie Pad Slow Moving Pad Spiritual Pad Spooky Strings Pad Sputnik Pad Square Pad Square Symph Pad Stepping Phase Pad Sweepy Pad Swirly Pad Syn Glass Pad Syn Pad Synclavier Synthesizer Tenori-on The Big Beautiful Nothing Pad The Big Surf Pad Theremin Thickener Pad Thin Pad Tone Wheel Pad Trad Pad Trad Pad Trance Heaven Pad Vector Pad Venus Pad Vesper Pad Voigt-Kampff Pad Voxy Wah Pad Warm Pad Warm Swell Pad Wheel Backing Pad Whisper Choir Pad Wild At Heart Pad Wind Orchestra Pad Zaire Pad Zydeco Pad MIDI keyboard Drum Kit Acoustic bass guitar Acoustic guitar Bass guitar Double Bass Guitars Microphone/megaphone Overtone/Throat singing Tenor

Jamp Score: 50

Location: Guildford, United Kingdom

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Username: SH2013

Gender: M

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Member Since: April 05, 2013

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