Gloria (Glo) Smith

Skills: Singer & Vocalist Writer & Lyricist Band

Jamp Score: 15,700

Location: Ashland, KY United States

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Username: GLO

Gender: F

Signed: Yes

Member Since: March 13, 2013

Performance Rights Organization: US - BMI


Glo performs Secular as well as Spiritual music. Her Spiritual CD "My Heart Sings" released in 2009. Her secular CD "Heartache, Now That It's Over" released July of 2010, along with "Shadows of the Past “ Jan 2011, "Heart Fire" Nov 2011, and her newest offering released Nov 2012 "Christmas Heart." She is currently working on a CD of all her own music and is signed with the 9 Lives Record Label.

Her newest single "Lovin' Those Blues - Sleepless Night" is available on her Label's site while waiting for iTunes to process it.

She hails from Ashland, KY and is in good company. This is the home town of singers such as The Judds.

Glo’s genre of music is mostly Blues/Rock. She is known for her husky throated Bluesy Melissa Etheridge-esque vocals.

Glo started out writing and publishing poetry as a young girl but always loved to sing her poetry before she wrote it. She still writes poetry prolifically.

Recently she decided to share her love of music with others, and to leave a legacy of song not only for those close to her but for anyone who truly loves music itself.There was no greater way she could think of to love others, than to give herself to them in song. To Glo sharing the pure magic of touching another human heart with the gentle caress of music is an honor and a privilege.

She has been singing all her life and it is the ultimate joy of her life; a joy that has overflowed into the desire she now has to gift her music; which is her soul itself, along with her love of life to the world at large.

Glo has said, “How can ones heart hold such a love of music and not share it? It is my passion and my obsession.”

Glo loves to laugh and enjoy her life. As she says, "Both laughter and sadness produce tears but laughter also produces life... let’s live and sing about the journey!”

Excerpt from:The Sands of Time 

© Gloria Smith 05/21/10 

One night the stars fell into her eyes 

She suddenly knew that it was time to fly 

Time to sing of the pain within her soul 

Time to know that she really could be whole 

And so she sang a little before she died 

And she cried a little as she sang her life 

The Angels tilted an ear toward the Earth 

And sighed as they tried to hold back The sands of time...

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