Ben Rawles Music

Skills: Instrument Player Producer & Composer Singer & Vocalist Writer & Lyricist

Instruments: Baby grand piano Grand piano Piano Acoustic guitar Classical guitar Electric guitar Flamenco guitar Guitars Harp Slide guitar Ukulele Falsetto Tenor Horn/French horn Saxophone(s) Trombone Trumpet

Jamp Score: 32,050

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

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Username: BenRawlesMusic

Experience: 8 year(s)

Gender: M

Signed: No

Member Since: March 06, 2013


I’m Ben Rawles and I’m a Composer, Sound Designer, Producer and Songwriter working on projects for Film and TV, Games, and visual media in general. I have worked in the music industry for eight years with a high level of understanding of Composition, Recording and Production.I've written, co-written and produced two albums, which have both had nationwide radio-play in the UK (BRMB/Beacon/BBC Radio Leeds) and I've worked as a foley artist on a number of small projects.

I've worked on a number on video game trailers for Microsoft and Sony games, Android and PC games, as well as professional film/movie projects.

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